Youth Program


This program is designed to help teach young people the skill of darts as well as sportsmanship and team play.

We have Youth Leagues across Ontario with leaders that enjoy coaching and teaching individuals the fun of Darts and techniques required to help develop skills to compete at Zone, Provincial and National Levels.

ALL participants must be a member in good standing with Darts Ontario, a permanent resident of Ontario and be 18 years of age or younger on September 30th, Junior competitors must be 15 years of age or younger on September 30th. Senior competitors must be 18 years of age or younger on September 30th

League Membership to Affiliate with Darts Ontario is $20.00per player if all members are registered for Junior & Senior Players and $8.00 for Tykes. League Memberships vary – please contact the league for information.. Youth Players interested in joining should check the web site for a league closest to them (see below). All Youth Dart Leagues across Ontario are encouraged to come on out and join our wonderful program.


Leagues and Independent players must be registered by December 1st. Leagues may add new members after the December 1st deadline if they are new to the program or are returning members from the previous year with a good reason as to why they did not join prior to the deadline. Players added must be okayed by the Darts Ontario Youth Director. This is to ensure fairness to all registered players and leagues.

No Youth League in your area – No problem!

If the closest Youth League is located over an hour away from your Town/City you can register for the program by contacting the Darts Ontario Youth Director. Independent Players are responsible for all costs associated with hotels, travel and registration fees. To determine if you qualify, go to, click on directions, and input your Town/City and the Town/City where the youth league closest to you is located. The distance is determined by your Town/City not the actual addresses. The registration fee is $38.00 which includes the $8.00 chaperone fee. Players must stay at the hotels Darts Ontario has contracts with.

Darts Ontario Dress Code:
Zone Shoots: Respectable attire
Provincial Championship: Collared shirt buttoned appropriately
No headgear (applies to all events) - thin hairbands only (not sweatbands)
Dress Pants: No denim, yoga, sweat pants, Lu Lu Lemon, cargo or leggins
Shoes: No opened toed or open backed shoes (running shoes are acceptable)
Team Ontario: Black Dress Pants and a Team Shirt. Black dress shoes or running shoes required for pictures.
Read some comments from Youth Players as well as Parents and Spectators that attended the National Championships over the years.
If you would like to submit your own comments, please send them to our Youth Director
For answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (click here)
If you would like to receive a package about our program please do not hesitate to call or email me at the information below:
🐘 – Darts Ontario Youth Director
Darts Ontario

Youth Rules Package:

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Provincial Player Exemptions:

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Youth Provincial's Program Information:

Youth Provincials are March 11th & 12th, 2017 in St. Catharines at the Holiday Inn.
General Overview:
Who makes up Team Ontario: The top 2 from each singles event will represent Ontario at the Canadian National Darts Championships in May.
The players qualify through singles only.
Events & Age Groups: The events are Junior Male & Female Singles – 15 & under as of September 30th.
Senior Male & Female Singles – 16 - 18 as of September 30th.
Previous years Provincial Winners, 2nd Place & joint 3rds are seeded to the Provincial.
Cost: Membership $20.00 Zone Shoot - $6.00 per player per event Provincials - $4.00 per player per event
When: March 10th 11th 2018
Structure: Competitors play round robin sections on Saturday to qualify into Sundays play.
Sunday's play determines the final selection for Team Ontario.
Benefits: Team Ontario representatives receive airfare, hotel accommodations, 2 Team Ontario shirts, banquet tickets, plus more,
and a great week of competition at the national championships.

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Youth National's Program Information:

The Nationals are not in St Catharines this year, it is Drummondville, Quebec, May 16th-20th 2018

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